Harmonia is a pension with medical facilities meant for the elderly in particular, whose main purposes are to permanently monitor the health of its clients and to create an atmosphere of communication and relaxation by special programs that should lead to the disappearance of the elderly’s feeling of loneliness.


Considering the two main functions of the pension, Harmonia will offer:

  • permanent general practitioners
  • free of charge medical check-ups in different medical specialties
  • free of charge medical assistance 24 hours per day
  • a psychologist who will contribute to designing a daily activity schedule
  • 3 menus at choice and special menus for patients with various diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc.)
  • beauty services (hair styling, manicure, pedicure, shaving)
  • daily body hygiene (as often as it is necessary)
  • maximum two people in one room
  • rooms with state of the art air-conditioning and heating systems
  • video surveillance systems
  • internet access, telephone and TV in each room
  • special remote-controlled beds that can be adjusted for optimal body posture
  • elevators
  • heated indoor private pool
  • sauna
  • jacuzzi
  • fitness room
  • chapel within the pension
  • meeting rooms (clubs) on each floor
  • show room (200 places) for shows or activities on the occasion of important religious holidays (Easter, Christmas, etc )
  • private park
  • private parking lot

    All these facilities will meet European standards and are included in the accommodation price. The building has been constructed according to EU norms so that the access of the disabled is facilitated in all the spaces mentioned.

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